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User-Friendly Online Profiles to Match Any Opportunity

Are your marketing materials in one place online and ready to Pitch? ActivePitch customizable online profiles have a clean & professional design and consist of a combination of selected videos, photos, press images, resume & bio from your media vault. Profiles include your Representation or personal contact info and high quality HD video compatible with Mac, PC and mobile devices.

Add Your Videos, Photos, Press Images, Resume & Bio

Are pitch materials a shoebox full of unorganized DVD's & photos? ActivePitch allows you to upload, store & share your videos, photos, press images, resume & bio from any computer or mobile device. Now you can start adding your media to an online profile and send anywhere in the world.

Drag. Drop. Click. It's Really That Easy.

Ever hear you're perfect for a job but not sure what to send? ActivePitch allows you to create & manage job specific online profiles using only the videos and photos that match the opportunity. Send your saved online profiles to any email address from the PitchCreator. Create a free public profile that can be easily access at activepitch.com/yourname.

Send Unlimited Pitches & Receive Alerts When Viewed

Trouble sending huge video files using email? Easily send your saved profiles to anyone with an email address using any computer or mobile device. The Pitch comes from your email address and you get alerted when the pitch is viewed. The ability to setup email templates, signature & pitch blurb make sending profiles quick and easy.

Connect & Share Your Media Vault With Representation

What does your Representation use to Pitch you? The ActivePitch invitation system allows you to connect with Representation Companies including Agencies, Management and Publicists giving them the ability to access your media vault. They can also create unlimited custom profiles and send company branded Pitch's on your behalf.

Want to empower your Reps to help update your marketing materials? ActivePitch allows you to set permissions so your Representation can add/delete media, manage connections and upgrade billing. Our service is FREE for Representation, so give your team the best marketing tool available to help organize & streamline your career opportunities.

Get Access to Your Client's Media & Send Company Branded Profiles

Tired of searching stacks of DVD's and broken web links to pitch your clients? With ActivePitch, you can securely access your client's media and create company branded profiles using specific video clips & photos to match any opportunity. Our easy to use pitch system allows you add multiple clients to a single email pitch and send it anywhere in the world.

Get notified when someone views your sent pitches? ActivePitch will send you a Pitch Viewed notification when someone clicks your clients profile link from the Pitch. Always know for sure whether your Pitch was received.

Stay Current With ActivePitch Notifications

Wish your Reps were automatically notified when you add new video? The ActivePitch notification system will keep you and your Representation team updated when new media is added to your media vault. Pending edit notifications will keep you current when using the ActivePitch editing services.

Want to get notified when someone views your sent pitches? ActivePitch will send you a Pitch Viewed notification when someone clicks your profile link from the Pitch. Always know for sure whether your Pitch was received.

ActivePitch Video Editing Services

Need help finding past video projects to update your reel? Access the ActivePitch video editing services and have us locate, edit & upload your video directly to your media vault. Delivery options include upload (free), website link, mail / messenger, schedule TV recording, have us locate or office drop-off.

Safe. Secure. Accessible.

Using multiple computers and mobile devices in multiple locations? Securely access your ActivePitch account from any online connection including your mobile devices. Your information is always safe and backed up nightly within our multiple data centers.