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Erin Carufel

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In 1996, Erin was crowned Miss Oregon American Coed. She then went on to become a two-time U.S. Open gold medal winner in Tae Kwon Do (1996/97). Two more gold medals were awarded to her after she won the Gold Cup Championships in the same years (1996/97). After high school she moved from her hometown of Beaverton, Oregon to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California. Erin graduated with honors with a B.A. in Theatre. In addition to starring in and directing numerous plays during her time at USC, she also developed a close and productive working relationship with the students of the Film School. Consequently, Erin acted and starred in over thirty USC films by the time she graduated. Her pursuit of the craft of acting also brought her to England. She earned a degree in theatre from the University of Kent in Canterbury, where she received classical training.

Immediately upon graduating, Erin began working in Hollywood and has continued working as a professional Film and Television actor ever since. Her love of Film has also recently led her to a different kind of role, that of Executive Producer. Erin has formed her own production company (Juggernaut Entertainment) and is sourcing money for independent features.

Erin's other great passion is humanitarianism and has traveled much of the world. The plight of Africa is at the forefront of her philanthropic work.