Talent Features

Easy to Use

ActivePitch is simple and intuitive. Managing your media and sending a pitch is easy, fast and secure. Plus, you can always talk to a real person during our business hours (Monday - Friday, 10AM to 6PM PST).

Professional Design

Our professional pitch links are designed with decision makers in mind. They include the ability to stream HD clips, as well as download your media. Pitch links can include video clips, photos, press, biography and resume.

Shared Storage

Your video clips, photos, resume, biography, and press pieces can be uploaded to your ActivePitch storage vault by you or your representation, giving everyone access to any material they could ever need. See Pricing

Representation Tools

Give your representation the best marketing tool available for your career. Representation can choose what scenes to send when pitching you for a particular role. They can also track their pitch links to see when they have been opened.


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Safe. Secure. Accessible.

Securely access your ActivePitch account from any computer or mobile device. Your information is always safe, and your material is backed up in multiple data centers. No one can search for your links, unless you publish them on a public site.